The Wait is Over

Feeling better is fast and convenient with TeamHealth VirtualCare. No more appointments. No more traffic. No more uncomfortable waiting rooms.


We are excited to offer TeamHealth VirtualCare to TeamHealth Employees. Throughout 2022, visits are available at NO COST for associates and their dependents who are currently enrolled in a TeamHealth Aetna Health plan in eligible states.


TeamHealth VirtualCare is available in CA, CO, FL, NC, NJ, NY, SC, OH, PA, and TN. We are actively expanding accessibility across all 50 states.



We’ve Got You Covered.

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REGISTRATION IS FAST AND EASY. With TeamHealth VirutualCare, you can complete your account setup in about a minute.




We offer person-to-person phone support with your non-clinical support needs.

Call (855) 606-0777,

weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm EST.



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Through 2022, TeamHealth VirtualCare visits are available at NO COST for associates and their dependents in eligible states and enrolled in a TeamHealth Aetna Health plan.



The Wait is Over

You wait for your doctor to see you. You wait in traffic as you commute across town. You wait in a waiting room. At TeamHealth VirtualCare, the wait is over. We offer quality care at your convenience.

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You are in Control.


We want you to feel comfortable with your virtual care experience. That’s why we offer options for how you receive your care.
Please note, modalities offered vary by state and the cost of care may vary based on insurance coverage.

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Online Interview

$0 -$25


Answer a series of questions about your symptoms and provide applicable pictures (optional). Your clinician will review and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan fast.


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Phone Call

$0 -$65


Speak with your clinician in real-time via a secure telephone device. Your clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan during the discussion.



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Video Call

$0 -$65


Join a real-time, face-to-face interaction with your clinician via a secure video platform. Your clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan during the discussion.


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No-wait Prescription Refills


Whether allergy season snuck up on you or your supply is running out before you can book an in-person appointment, we are here to re-fill your prescriptions today. Our Online Interview visit will have you headed to the pharmacy before you can say, “Fexofenadine.”


Heading out of town? We can help with what you need to prevent everything from malaria to motion sickness.




TeamHealth VirtualCare cannot prescribe controlled substances.

Virtual Urgent Care


We treat many non-emergent injuries and illnesses. The following list includes the most common conditions eligible for virtual care. TeamHealth VirtualCare is available for patients of all ages. However, some specialized conditions are more safely treated by video, phone or in-person. TeamHealth VirtualCare cannot prescribe Narcotics.


Evaluation of possible COVID-19
Common Cold
Sinus Infection
Influenza (Flu)
Seasonal Allergies

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Canker Sore, Cold sore or fever blister
Impetigo (red sores on the face)
Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
Stye (bump or bumps on the eyelid)
Swimmer's Ear (outer ear infection)

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Minor Burns
Low Back Pain
Some Animal Bites
Head Bumps (without loss of consciousness, vomiting or behavior changes)

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Mild abdominal pain
Heartburn & Acid Reflux (GERD)

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Ringworm (fungal skin infection)
Skin Irritation (Contact Dermatitis)
Tick Bite

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Female Bladder Infection (Urinary Tract Infection)
Morning After-Pill
Sexually Transmitted Disease Exposure
Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Be Social

Your TeamHealth VirtualCare clinician offers a world-class healthcare experience for patients of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions.


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