Happy Doctors Provide Better Outcomes

Physicians lead TeamHealth VirtualCare. Our doctors choose their desired schedules and enjoy more work/life balance than their peers working in more traditional hospital settings. That means our clinicians are more satisfied with their careers, leading to a more connected care experience for our patients. TeamHealth VirtualCare patients receive the highest quality care because our doctors are allowed to focus on why they chose a medical career in the first place: improving the health of patients.



Medicine First, Technology Second


TeamHealth VirtualCare is powered by the nation’s largest clinician staffing and management company. More than 16,000 clinicians choose TeamHealth because of our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and support.


We have more than four decades of experience in physician services. Currently, we serve around 660 hospitals throughout the United States, providing emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, behavioral health, critical care, OB/GYN hospitalist, orthopedic & general surgery, acute care or urgent care. We’ve grown from a small company established by emergency physicians to one of the country’s largest integrated care providers.


We realize you have many telehealth choices. That’s why we focus each day on providing safe, patient-centric care.


Thank you for trusting us with your virtual care needs.


Our doctors are positioned to focus on why they got into medicine in the first place:

improving the lives of patients.

Interested in a VirtualCare career?

Join our Team. We’re hiring clinicians with a passion for providing world-class care in a digital environment.


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Practicing in a virtual environment allows me to balance my practice. It allows me to spend time with patients without wearing masks and providing reassurance and guidance from the comfort of their own homes.


Daniela Caballero Varona, MD

I feel that our telehealth platform and physicians offer a unique experience that will provide instant care while also offering the compassionate care for which TeamHealth is known.


Jonathan Daly, DO

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