Fast and Convenient Follow-up Care

We make follow-up care from your recent hospital visit a breeze with a VirtualCare visit that fits into your busy schedule with no appointment and no insurance required.



Quality Care by Clinicians You Can Trust


When it comes to quality follow-up care, the clinicians make all the difference. At TeamHealth VirtualCare, our clinicians are professional, emergency medicine trained healthcare experts who bring years of experience diagnosing and treating patients in an emergency room setting.


Our expert team of clinicians provides the attention you need after your recent emergency room visit via a secure video call.


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Follow-up Video Call





Please note, modalities offered vary by state and the cost of care may vary based on insurance coverage.

Easy Access to VirtualCare


Register your account, then choose Emergency Department Discharge Follow-up and complete the intake questionnaire.


Upload discharge paperwork and enter payment information.


A clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan in less than an hour.

The system was very user-friendly and within 15 minutes, I was able to connect with a knowledgable physician.


Andy R.

Find the Right Follow-up Care Solution


You have options when seeking care after your Emergency Department visit.


Primary Care Physician:

Call your family doctor and schedule follow-up care. This visit will typically occur in your primary care physician’s office.


Return to the Emergency Department:

Your follow-up care can also occur by returning to the Emergency Department.


Virtual Care Visit:

Virtual visits for follow-up care can be a fast and convenient way to receive care. With a virtual care visit, no appointment is necessary. You can follow up with a clinician from anywhere, including your home or wherever is convenient for you.



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