Feel Better Fast

Feeling better is fast and convenient with TeamHealth VirtualCare. No more appointments. No more traffic. No more uncomfortable waiting rooms. We offer healthcare on your terms.


We are healthcare built for you with diagnosis and treatment for most common conditions in about an hour.


Just answer a few brief questions about how you are feeling and then you can go about your day. At TeamHealth VirtualCare there are no lines to wait in.



Quality Care by Clinicians You Can Trust


When it comes to quality care, the clinicians make all the difference. At TeamHealth VirtualCare, our clinicians are professional,
board-certified physicians and advanced practice clinicians that bring years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients.
Our expert team of clinicians provides high-quality care so you can feel better fast.



The Wait is Over

You wait for your doctor to see you. You wait in traffic as you commute across town. You wait in a waiting room. At TeamHealth VirtualCare, the wait is over. We offer quality care at your convenience.

Start a visit

Is a virtual visit always a video?

We offer multiple virtual visit options. Find a solution that’s right for you.


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Convenience in Care


TeamHealth VirtualCare gives you access to board-certified medical professionals that diagnose and treat your common symptoms fast.


Common Symptoms include:

Cold, Flu, and Cough

Stomach Problems

Moderate Injuries and Pain

No-wait Prescription Refills


Whether allergy season snuck up on you or your supply is running out before you can book an in-person appointment, we are here to re-fill your prescriptions today. Our Online Interview visit will have you headed to the pharmacy before you can say, “Fexofenadine.”


Heading out of town? We can help with what you need to prevent everything from malaria to motion sickness.




TeamHealth VirtualCare cannot prescribe controlled substances.

Be Social

Wear insect repellant.
Summertime means ticks and mosquitoes are. Make sure you wear insect repellant if you’re going to be outside in the late afternoon and evening.

Are you worried about an insect bite? See a clinician now.


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